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Have you thought about switching to a self-hosted Wordpress.org blog, but you're intimidated by all the steps involved with setting it up? If so, I can help. I'll setup your Wordpress blog and install my favorite plugins for free. Get the Details

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If you're struggling to stay motivated, unclear on your blogging goals, and feeling overwhelmed, a Savvy Blogger Session can give you the clarity and accountability you need to reach YOUR definition of blogging success. Get the Details

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6 Things I Did on My Blogging Break

Wow! I can't believe I've been on a blogging break for the past two months. I had NO intentions of taking such a long break. But now that I'm back, I realize that me (and my business) needed this downtime. On top of working with some pretty awesome … Read More »

How To Overcome Procrastination As a Blogger

Whenever we say we don't have time to blog, we are usually making an excuse for not making time for our blogs. I know this because I've used the "I don't have time" excuse a lot over the years. And trust me. I know all about blogging excuses because … Read More »

8 Easy Ways to Ruin a Blog

It's easy to ruin a blog. I've done it plenty of times over the years when I a) didn't know any better or b) didn't take my blog seriously enough to fix the mistakes I knew I was making. And I'm not alone. A lot of bloggers fall into the trap of … Read More »